Saturday, 1 January 2011

Shortening the sale bargain

If you remember, I mentioned in a previous post that I bought two maxi dresses for £3 each in the sales and one of them had potential to look good as a shorter dress so that was my project for today. There's nothing wrong with maxi dresses but at 5'4 I'm a bit too short to pull them off and I look like I borrowed my dress from a taller friend and that's not a good look for anyone! It didn't take as long as I was expecting considering I'm still very slow at every stage in the process!

So I started off with this:

And ended up with this:

It sits just above the knee, a much better length on little ol' me! The sewing is a bit dubious but hopefully not too noticeable. I'll be sure to take a picture when I wear it!

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