Tuesday, 22 February 2011

It's awards season...

There's been the Brits, the Golden Globes, the Oscars and all sorts going on with lots of celebs winning awards... and I've received an award now too! Thanks Carly for my stylish blogger award!

Now, rather than giving a long and emotional acceptance speech, I'll just stick with the rules, which is that I have to write 7 things about myself that you may not know, let's see what I can come up with!

1. I'm studying to be a speech and language therapist. I know I've mentioned before that I'm at university, not sure that I've ever actually mentioned my chosen vocation! I never wanted to go to university and when I was 18 I left education and got a job in a bank, which then moved to a job in an office and after a few years I realised I wanted to do something more 'meaningful'. So somehow I managed to wangle myself a job as a speech therapy assistant and now here I am!

2. I am soooo not the stereotypical student. Since coming to university I've realised that I couldn't care less about clubbing or partying anymore and have instead turned into some sort of 1950's housewife. I sew, I cook, I clean, I bake, I knit (sometimes), I help out at girl guides and I horse ride.

3. I have only ever been to one wedding. People are always amazed by this! When I was a little girl I was always desperate to be a bridesmaid but no-one I knew was ever getting married. I didn't go to a wedding until I was 20/21. I've been told that in my twenties and thirties I'll be attending lots of weddings to the point where I'm sick of them... we'll see about that!

4. I am the only girl in my generation of my family. I have brothers and all my cousins are boys! It always meant I was a bit left out at Christmas because all the boys wanted to play together and I was left with the adults!

5. I used to ride a moped. All the boys thought I was really cool! It was a bright red piaggio zip called 'zippy' (original hey?). I miss my moped now I have to pay for expensive petrol, can't skip to the front of traffic queues and have to pay for cark parks. A car is a lot warmer though!

6. I'm a bit of a history geek. I love reading history novels by Philippa Gregory. I loved history at school. I'd like to go to Egypt just to see the pyramids and I love going on geeky day trips to the tower of London and castles and the like.

7. My middle toe on my right foot is bigger than my index toe. I never even noticed this until I was 18 and my boyfriend at the time pointed it out to me! It's not like this on my left foot so I guess my right one is just a little bit odd!

Well there you have it, some random facts about me. If you want to know anything else, ask away! Apparently I have to nominate seven other bloggers, hmmmm do I even know of seven other bloggers?

1. Ashley from Jellybean's odds and ends
2. Lisa from Lisa Sews
3. Law/Laura from Laura in a tangle
4. Jos from SewJosa
5. Alexandra from Crafts and stuff
6. Jane from Pedal to the metal
7. Bea from Butterflies and hurricanes

That was a bit tricky to decide on! There are loads of people I have in my favourites on BurdaStyle who I'd have liked to have given an award to but don't have blogs :-(

Anyway, thanks again Carly, over and out!


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  2. Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for the nomination.

    Speech and language therapy sounds really interesting. Are you focusing on early years, or would you be working with adults too? Also a lame question you probably get a lot at the mo, are you taught techniques that are anything like Lionel Logue uses in the Kings Speech?

  3. Hiya :) We do both during the course (we cover eeeeverything) but while I was working I was working with adults and loved it, though most people go into speech therapy because they want to work with children it seems. In this country you tend to have to choose adults or children when you qualify unless you get two part-time jobs and work in both areas.

    Haha I love that The King's Speech has made people more aware of stuttering and speech therapy, and so do the british stammering association I believe, so I don't mind questions! Some of his techniques definitely wouldn't be used (like the rolling around on the floor saying tongue twisters) but the techniques like frequent pauses during speaking were the basis of similar techniques we have today. The McGuire Program which Gareth Gates used to control his stutter is based around taking extra pauses during speech. Speaking more slowly is another one which I think is tackled in the film and is also used today. Also, in the film Lionel puts headphones on the king and shows that he speaks fluently when he can't hear his speech, there's also a technique related to that which is called delayed auditory feedback where the person wears ear pieces and they hear what they're saying on a delay so it mimics speaking with a chorus which has been shown to reduce stuttering. Some stutterers achieve full fluency with that, though for some people it has no effect, plus it's a bit annoying hearing what you're saying on delay, it's like having an echo following you around all the time! So it tends not to be used unless all other techniques haven't produced the desired results.

    That was a bit of a long answer, I hope I haven't completely bored you!

  4. No it was really interesting. Thanks for giving me such a comprehensive answer!