Sunday, 23 January 2011

Planning my valentines dress

I don't normally post about planning my dresses because (I'll be honest) there's not usually that much planning that goes into them. But as I have a painstaking wait for my fabric to arrive and I didn't know what style of dress I wanted to make, I've been having a think over the weekend while I've been at home and have come up with the following...

I mentioned that I wanted the bodice to be heart print and the skirt to be red but that was as far as I'd got. Having had a think about the patterns I have in my stash and how I want this dress to be pretty and girly, I've decided to use McCalls M6011 and this sleeveless style:

Which I believe fits my requirements!

It'll be fitted under the bust, which I need due to my shape (small bust, massive bum) and will then flare from the bust in an empire line style. I bought this pattern because this is my favourite dress shape and I've owned shop bought dresses in the same style in the past and loved them! I think that just the top part of the bodice will be heart print and the mid-section and skirt will be red. The dress is fully lined and I'm planning to line it in bright pink lining material in keeping with the valentines theme. I've never made a lined dress before so I'm looking forward to having a go! It's another easy pattern but slightly more interesting and detailed than my last super easy dress and I'm planning to take my time and make everything as perfect as I can manage in my beginner capacity!

Since I'll be using cotton I was wondering about pre-washing. So far I haven't pre-washed any of my fabrics, mainly due to the fact that I'm at university and so I can't just chuck the fabric in my own washing machine and the university machines are expensive! I would need to wash both pieces of fabric separately which would cost me £5 and then I have absolutely nowhere to dry them because I can't trust anything to be left in a public place and I don't have enough space in my tiny university room. However, I hand wash everything I consider delicate and I definitely consider my hand made items to be delicate, so does hand washing eradicate the need for pre-washing?

It's my dad's birthday on Valentines day and I will be home for reading week and apparently we're going to go out for dinner so I will have somewhere to wear my special valentines dress! Hopefully I'll have plenty of time to work on it because I only have 9 hours of lectures this week, 11 the next and 12 the week after!

Until my fabric arrives, I might make myself a skirt, I'll keep you updated!

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  1. I'm at uni too, and the machines are so expensive! I use Colour Catchers, they might seem expensive at first, but in the long run it makes washing stuff cheaper as you don't have to separate lights and darks! :) If I'm pre-washing fabric, I usually use 2-3 colour catchers, but for a normal wash just the 1 is ok.