Friday, 14 January 2011

More dress progress

This dress has certainly come together quickly, I haven't even had much time to work on it this week and yet I think it will still be finished by the end of the weekend, which means it'll have taken me a week and so far I've probably only spent a few hours on it in total. I suppose this is why it's considered 'very easy'!

Yesterday I managed to have some issues with the thread getting caught in the bobbin holder which meant I had to take apart the whole bobbin area in order to get it out and then try and put it back together again. Afterwards it was rattling and I couldn't work out why but today I realised that I hadn't clipped it all back in properly so problem solved! So now I've managed to attach and finish the sleeves and do the yoke (after managing to confuse myself about how it actually attached to the dress), so now I just need to go and buy the elusive zipper foot so I can sew the zip on, then just the facing and the hem to do!

I love it when a garment starts coming together and the end is in sight, here's a pic of it thus far:

Also, over 200 visitors and no followers :-( Clearly I need to become a better writer, or sewer... or both!

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