Thursday, 6 January 2011

Disaster dress finds new lease of life

(Skip to the bottom of the post to see the pic of the original dress which I reconstructed to make this dress). So I finished the 'Sew' magazine dress tonight and after the adjustments and shortening it fitted better, but thanks to my slim shoulders and the overall 'bigness' of the dress, and my rubbish collar, it still looked like a disaster, let's take a look shall we? (Click to read more)

As you can see, the collar is all wonky and the neckline isn't right :-( However, as an experiment (and because I didn't want to have to completely redo the whole neckline) I flipped the collar inside and it looks a lot better so I'm just going to admit defeat and wear it like that! Here's a pic with the collar flipped inside and some accessories:
The neckline sits a lot better like that and I quite like the dress in a classic shape! Oh and I almost forgot, here's the original £3 dress which I used for the fabric!

I learnt a lot from this dress, about sizing adjustments, how to apply bias binding, how I don't really like sewing with viscose and how I should have either used a stiffer fabric for the collar or ignored the pattern and used interfacing despite them not mentioning it in the pattern! We live and we learn :) At a total cost of under £5 I don't mind it going a bit haywire because I still got a lot out of it!

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