Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Finally some sewing time! :-)

I've actually been quite busy since I've been back at university, which is unheard of for me! But it actually hasn't been too bad so far. I've been so busy that I've been pinning and basting when I have a spare moment (for example, today on the bus on the way to my weekly placement I was basting the sleeves!) and I've been dying to get on my sewing machine to actually get some stitching done. This evening I finally got to play, hooray! I did feel slightly sorry for the poor chinese girl in the room next to me though, but she does have her TV up really loud all the time (especially when I'm trying to sleep) so I'll think of this as payback!

So this evening I've stitched the front to the back and finished the edges (this fabric frays like crazy, it's the first time I've had to make a conscious effort to finish my edges!), then I did the overarm and underarm seams on the sleeves and finished the edges, then finished the edges of the bottom of the sleeve and sewed the seam.
After that I thought I'd sewed up the wrong end of the sleeve but it turned out to be ok in the end! So I quickly pinned the sleeves to the dress while my brain was working and I could remember which way they went on, otherwise I know that next time I'd start to panic all over again. For some reason sleeves just get my brain in a twist! I managed to get some interfacing the other day so I ironed that to the fabric pieces so I'm ready to do the yoke when I get round to it!

Here's a pic of how it's looking so far...

 It's looking a bit big at the moment but I think it's because it still needs the yoke and some gathering doing at the top!

I'm not expecting to be able to do any tomorrow but hopefully I can get some more done over the weekend as I have absolutely nothing planned from Friday afternoon onwards! Maybe if I'm lucky I can get it finished by the end of the weekend, though that might be a little bit too optimistic!

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