Monday, 11 July 2011

I have an award!

Tillyflops has nominated me for the versatile blogger award:
Thank you Tillyflops! I both love it and hate it when I get nominated for an award because I struggle to think of seven blogs to pass the award onto and having looked at my feed most of the blogs I love have already had the award recently! Plus since I've only returned to the blogosphere in the last week I'm very limited with the blogs that I read so I don't actually know of seven to nominate! So I'm nominating three (I hope that's ok) two of which I know have already had the award recently so you two, (Hayley and Ashley) feel free to side step doing this all again and just be happy to receive it :)

I've chosen these three bloggers because I feel that they all really are versatile. They not only blog about sewing but also about other crafty ventures and they make a wide variety of things which I think makes them very versatile!
1. Rachel from Love to Stitch
2. Hayley from Hayley goes handmade
3. Ashley from Jellybean's odds and ends
Congratulations all!

Now the other thing is to share seven things about myself. I've shared seven in the past for another award so I'll try and think of some new ones!
1. I've just started to become a tea drinker. I've never really got into drinking tea in the past so I'm having to make an active effort to make myself cups but I know when I go on placement I'm going to be expected to make tea and drink tea as a social thing and I got a bit fed up of everyone being visibly horrified that I don't drink tea so I've started... and I quite like it actually!
2. I help out at the local girl guide group. I was involved in Guiding from the age of 5-16 and then crossed over to Scouting for a little while then had a massive break when I worked full-time. Now I'm back helping at the Guide group near my university!
3. My Myers Briggs personality profile is ISFJ (Introverted, sensing, feeling, judging) and if you read the details of this profile it's me to a tee! I like socialising but need more time to myself than the average person (and quite enjoy doing things on my own), I'm good at working other people out, I live to help people and want a job where I can make a difference but I tend to be rubbish at saying no and have a tendency to get walked over!
4. I was born on the 13th (not a Friday though) but I'm not unlucky :) And when I got to university it turned out my housemate has the same birthday as me, she's the only person I've ever met with my birthday!
5. I'm short sighted and have had to wear glasses since I turned 20. Everyone says they suit me but since I discovered contact lenses I'm a complete addict and wear them more often than I should!
6. I've only been vaguely drunk once in the past year, which is an awful record for a university student but I just don't enjoy drinking and would rather eat chocolate or cake!
7. I absolutely hated my name when I was younger and wished I had a different one, but now I'm quite happy with it!

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  1. Thank you!! :) I'm a tea and coffee addict. I blame my boyfriend. lol Also, I don't drink much, but when I do I try not to get drunk. I don't enjoy being drunk, but I do enjoy the taste of some drinks :)
    Thanks again!
    Ashley x