Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Floaty flutterby skirt

It's been a while hasn't it? I've been incredibly busy at university, I know that's not really an excuse but I've had exams, two months of placement where I was in four different places each week and then swapped to four other places halfway through and couldn't think about anything other than working and keeping my head above water, but then I finally made it and finished the year! However I then had an operation on my foot which led to pain and then finally some sewing! But only very easy sewing...

Prior to my foot operation I went to Fabric Land to have a look at some pretty fabrics to make things with and I saw this cerise butterfly georgette fabric and couldn't resist, I knew I had to have it!

At only £4.44 a metre I couldn't say no, and I decided to make a quick and easy elasticated waist skirt from it. So I bought some thick black elastic to accompany it and off I went! There are loads of elastic waist tutorials out there but I based my skirt on this 20 minute skirt tutorial and a bit of my imagination. As the fabric was so sheer and see-through I knew I needed to use either a lining fabric or a double layer so I went for the double layer and made one layer shorter than the other to make the skirt a bit more interesting and original. It's the bottom layer which is shorter which works with the see-through effect of the fabric. I also used a more traditional waistband insertion (sewing right sides together) rather than using zig zag stitch to attach the right side of the skirt to the wrong side of the waistband as recommended in the tutorial because I didn't want to be able to see the stitching on the waistband. This was also my first project using pinking shears to stop fraying, though I can't say I'm convinced by them yet!

Here's the finished article, I think it's very pretty and I feel very girly in it!

I really do need to work on taking some better pictures though don't I? Unfortunately my digital camera's died on me so I'm at the mercy of my phone's camera! Thankfully you can't see me rather attractive surgical sandal in these pictures!

Hopefully there'll be more projects on the way soon, I've just bought some gorgeous jersey fabric which I'm hoping to create something with!

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