Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My sewing mojo is back... big time!

Since I've rediscovered my blog I've also rediscovered other sewing blogs and have been catching up on all the lovely things that have been made, particularly lovely dresses, as well all know they're my favourite! Now I have major sewing envy and am desperate to get started on my next dress but there's one problem... all my sewing stuff is 150 miles away! I took it all home last weekend as I've been slowly emptying out my room so there isn't much left to take home next week and since my sewing machine is a bit of a hefter (I'm pondering buying a lighter one) it's gone home. So for the time being I'll just have to daydream about what I'm going to do! It's only the beginning of July and I feel like making summery dresses but really summer will pass very quickly so maybe I need to make dresses which will fit all seasons!

Being a student has really helped me curb my spending on clothes. In fact I've bought barely any clothes other the past six months, I did buy a dress from River Island but it was £19.99 and I'd earned £15 of vouchers from a survey website which I had planned to use on treating myself so I but them towards the dress and so it only cost me £4.99! I also bought another dress in H&M but that was also under £15. That's about it! And because I'm not constantly adding new clothes to my wardrobe I find that I'm rediscovering old clothes that I'd stopped wearing and am appreciating my new clothes more and wearing them more frequently than I would have done before. When I used to spend loads of money on clothes I would buy new things and then stop wearing the old stuff and inevitably it would all end up on Ebay. I've also really found that I just don't like anything in the shops enough to part with my money, it seems rare that I find anything I like anymore and even Primark haven't been able to tempt me with anything this year. My mum always says that their clothes look like they're made out of the wrong fabric for the garment and recently I can sort of see what she means, some of their fabric choices are very odd - the fabric isn't the right weight for the garment or the prints are just awful. There's the odd gem but I'm coming across them less and less these days.  Further to this, there are so many rumours going around about high street shops going bust and the sheer amount of clothing that seems to be in the sales at the moment suggests that not as much is being sold as usual so it might be quite handy to be able to turn to DIY dressmaking if all my favourite shops disappear!

So all in all I'm quite looking forward to making myself some things that I actually like!

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