Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Learning a new language

The language of dressmaking that is! I went out and bought a pattern, Burda 7739 (I'm making B if anyone's interested!) and being a newbie to this pattern business, reading it is a bit like reading a foreign language. Thankfully this time round I have my mum to help me 'translate' and the more I do, the more it's starting to make sense! Words like 'Baste', (which I thought was something you only did in cooking)
are starting to register and I'm finally getting to a point now where I can read it and understand what it means on my own, hooray!

The collar and the sleeves have been quite tricky. At one point I had to sew the collar and the inside facing to the bodice, meaning I had three layers of jersey fabric and two of interfacing, and I of course then managed to get the bodice caught up and so sewed through a part of the bodice that I shouldn't have sewn through, meaning a lot of seam unpicking fun for me! The sleeves are quite small and so a bit fiddly to attach to the bodice, I've done one and the other one is today's task! Here it is so far:

I'm quite excited about it starting to actually look like something! Next steps are to attach the other sleeve, the skirt and then the zip at the back, can't wait to see the finished result.

I have another first today, picking up my first sewing machine!

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