Wednesday, 29 December 2010

It's almost done!

Have done a lot of work on the dress today, messed up the pockets a bit (I couldn't get my head round how they went on and then managed to cock it up) but have fixed them I think... and then been attaching the skirt to the bodice. I did everything today on my own with no help, the pleats and everything! So now it actually looks like a dress and all I have to do now is attach the zip and hem the bottom of the skirt and I'm done! Hooray!

I've taken some photos now that I can actually wear it, obviously it's not fitted that well because the back is gaping open but I've tried to hold it together for the photo...
What do you think?

I also won two easy Mccall's patterns on Ebay for 50p! They are M5709 which is two tops and M5379 which is two dresses! I also bought 'Sew' magazine which has some really cute patterns with it, three simple dresses and a really sweet coin purse. Looks like I'm going to be kept busy!

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