Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Completed heart dress

Finally I found time to do that hem and can I say, oh how I hate blind hemming, especially when you're dying to get the garment finished! I ended up using bias binding on the hem which was great because it meant that I only had to take up a quarter of an inch on the hem but the bias binding supports it. So it's done! And I thought I would wear it today but it poured it down all day so it wasn't really suitable weather :-( Anyway, here are the pictures for you, I've cut my head out of a few because I'd been for a run before taking the pics and looked awful. It doesn't look too different to how it was before but I hope the pics are a little better than the last ones!

I like this pic, a bit arty I thought!


  1. Love the finished heart dress, confession, I have never done blind hems and hadn't even thought of doing them until my mum asked me if I'd done them by hand or on my machine on my latest Rooibos. Oops, neither mum, I just sewed a straight seam!

  2. Don't worry Carly, mine was only because my mum had insisted I should learn to do them! My argument against sewing them was that everything I buy on the high street has visible stitching on the hem and no-one will notice but I thought I'd have a go anyway!

  3. it looks great! :) I cheat and just do a machine rolled hem. I think I'd like to try blind hems though, just to see if i can :)
    Ashley x