Monday, 7 March 2011

More me-made March - Days 5-7

I'm officially a week into me-made March, how am I doing?

Day 5 - March 5th - The heart print dress! I haven't worn this very often so it was quite nice to wear it and I felt very 50's housewifey wandering around the flat in it! I'm wearing it with my favourite navy cardigan. Oh and look... I have a face!

Day 6 - Sunday 6th March - This is a slobbing around the house outfit, I told you that purple top would show up pretty sharpish! No head in this photo as I'd just changed into this after a run. Wearing my re-fashioned purple top with slouchy bootcut jeans.

Day 7 - Monday 7th March - It's sunny today so I've added a bit of colour to my outfit! I'm wearing my re-fashioned skirt with black leggings, a black vest with a navy lacy top over the top and a bright pink cardigan to brighten things up a bit! I usually buy my cardigans a couple of sizes too big but this one is absolutely enormous, hence the bagginess and the reason the sleeves are rolled up! Very posey picture but it was the best of the bunch.


  1. Hi Lucy's face :o)

    Looking good for me made march so far. I'm impressed at the amount of homemade / refashioned clothes you've made already. And I do really like that purple top. I don't know why but i'm a bit nervous about making things in purple even though i love the colour so much.

  2. The heart dress looks lovely with the cardi.

  3. That all looks pretty fab! Keep it up Sewing is a great inexpensive (if your careful) way of looking great and individual!
    Stevie x