Thursday, 30 December 2010

Mission Burda 7739 - Complete!

My first ever project, one week later is finally finished! The zip proved to be a bit tricky but it was pretty much plain sailing from there! I love it, it's navy blue jersey which is my favourite colour and the dress itself is so versatile that I'll be able to dress it up or down. I'm so proud of myself and I'm sure that even with my rubbish sewing it looks more sturdy than the clothes I buy in Primark! Now for the obligatory pictures...

There are more if you read on...

And here's just a little example of how I could wear it in the daytime. Long cardigans/blazers and dresses are my standard outfit choice for comfortable but pretty day wear and I have a distinct lack of wintery dresses in my wardrobe (got a bit carried away with sleeveless summer dresses and forgot about the cold weather) so I think this will be worn a lot!

Burda 7739 - tick! Will definitely use this pattern again :)

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