Saturday, 29 October 2011

On another note...

I had been thinking about starting another blog. I've always loved blogging and creating websites ever since I was a teenager when I ended up making some quite successful websites without even trying! My mum's a driving instructor and I designed her website and somehow managed to optimise it so that she is the number 1 listing when you type in any search terms related to learning to drive in our area, which is something I'm quite proud of! So I was thinking that since I don't always have lots to say on here then maybe I should start a different blog which I could use more frequently. However having thought about it some more I think I'm just going to put more focus onto this blog and expand my horizons a little bit and make this blog more about general craft rather than just sewing. I'll keep the name but it gives me more opportunity to blog!

You see, I may not be sewing a lot at the moment but craft is always on my mind or I'm always doing something craft related, whether it's researching presents I can make, making craft items/knitting/sewing, looking at items in craft shops, checking out knitting patterns, reading magazines, going to craft fairs... the list goes on! So I figure that if I can put all those thoughts that are going round in my head into my blog then this blog will be much more interesting, more frequently updated and more fun for everyone involved. I hope none of my followers will mind if I broaden my horizons a bit but I feel that I will enjoy my blog much more if I do!


  1. Hi Lucy,
    I think its a great idea! After all if you enjoy your blog more so will everyone else! I did something similar a few months ago, I realised I enjoy papercrafts and general crafting more than sewing, so I switched focus. I would say my blog benefitted and I definatelyenjoy it more. Go for it!

    Hayley x

  2. Sounds good. You're a very talented knitter.