Tuesday, 1 March 2011

It's March!

And that means a whole month of me-made clothing, eek! If you remember correctly, my pledge stated that I could wear clothing that I had either made myself or refashioned with my own fair hand, even if it was only something simple like moving the hem! I'm not going to post my first outfit today, I'm going to do a couple of days of outfits at a time so I'm not clogging my blog up with millions and millions of posts!

In other news, I'm so busy at the moment with work that I've got no time to sew, but I do have a top which I plan to refashion at the weekend. Refashioning takes a lot less time than sewing from scratch and it encourages me to use my brain a bit to come up with a way to make something boring or un-wearable more interesting and more likely to be worn in my daily life! Let's see what I can come up with eh?

I'm really sorry for the complete lack of sewing right now, as soon as I actually have some free time I'll try and get on it but I have 7 deadlines looming within the next few weeks and not because I've left the work til the last minute, but because they're running a tight ship and setting work left right and centre which is all due in a couple of weeks so the heat is on!

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