Friday, 4 March 2011

Me-made March pics: Day 1-4

Hi everyone! I said I'd post some me-made march pics, so here they are :) I apologise because they're insanely boring as it's been absolutely freezing here this week and that always leads me to warm yet boring outfits! I will try to make them more interesting! Please read on for the pics...

Day 1 - 1st March - This is my floral mini dress made from a maxi dress, worn with navy cardigan, black leggings and sparkly purple pumps! Not the most flattering photo!

Day 2 - 2nd March - A day of refashions! This is my blue bow top which I refashioned with a long sleeve grey top worn underneath and the denim skirt made out of a pair of jeans, worn with leggings and black boots.

Day 3 - 3rd March - I have a confession... I forgot to take a photo! :-/ It was another boring outfit of my red refashioned top with skinny jeans and ugg boots. Thursdays are my worst day of the week so comfy clothing is always needed!

Day 4 - 4th March - Finally an item a made from scratch! It's my Burda dress, which is still my favourite item of clothing I've made as it's so comfy, but I do think of it as my 'nun' dress since the neckline is so high ;-) I'm wearing it with patterned tights, a heart pendant necklace and a black short sleeve cardigans, topped off with some bright red pumps! I've taken two pictures because I think my red shoes needed to be shown!
(I do have hands, they're in the pockets!)

Maybe one day I'll actually have sorted my face out and you'll be able to see my face as well but for quite a few of these I was still pink faced after a run and that's so not a good look!


  1. I dont think these outfits are boring, I really like them! :)
    Ashley x

  2. I love all those outfits and they all look so different. My favourites are 1 and 2. I love the pendant with the grey dress. Maybe a brighter coloured cardigan with the grey dress if you have one until it's warm enough to wear it on its own?