Saturday, 29 October 2011

A copycat hat for my housemate

On Thursday evening I jokingly said to my housemate (who was on the sofa wearing her anorak, a scarf, socks and a blanket) that I was going to make her a hat because she was always cold, and she replied, 'Go on then, I'll wear it!' It was her birthday the next day (yesterday) so I decided on a whim to actually do it, so I made a trip to buy wool and finally managed to locate some circular needles in size chunky (ie. 9mm) and I spent my whole afternoon knitting! The ultimate procrastination when I should be working on a case study for university but I'm a slow knitter.It's the same hat as I made for myself last week but this one I knitted using the magic loop method (first time ever knitting in the round and I had to use magic loop because my needles were too long!) which was fine once I got into it though I did have a few slip ups along the way I managed to rectify them and all was fine! I chose this hat because rather than going for a trendy beret I wanted to go for a novel but warm hat that I knew I could knit quickly! Put it on to take a quick pic for you all before wrapping it up:

She's a brunette so the turquoisey-green suits her way better than it suits me and luckily for me she loved it!

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