Friday, 4 February 2011

It's not quite finished... but some pics anyway

I've spent a couple of hours this afternoon making the adjustments I mentioned yesterday, which included the midriff seams not lining up with the bodice on one side, so I unpicked, re-adjusted and re-sewed. I've also attached the skirt to the midriff today and basted the back centre seams and pinned on the zip! I tried to dress on after I'd pinned the zip on and it was gaping quite a lot at the top of my back, I assume that's probably due to having narrow shoulders and an overly curved back. So I took it off and tapered the back centre seams at the top of the dress, put it on again and voila! it fits much better :-)

Of course I couldn't resist taking a few pictures so here are a few obligatory university bathroom pictures to give you a sneak peak of how it's looking. I'm planning to do the hemming when I'm at home (though I might change my mind!) so I will make sure that I get proper photos taken that show it in it's full glory rather than just half finished with my shower in the background! Please also take into account that it also needs a good iron, particularly around the midriff! Oh and excuse the blurry photos!

Let me add that it's highly flattering in the bust area, all that pleating and gathering gives me the illusion of actually having something there, which is a bonus!

Finally, have just found out that this pattern (Mccalls M6011) is now out of print :-( which is a shame because it's lovely!


  1. Its looking great! The skirt sits beautifully :)
    Ashley x

  2. Good work! I think it's worked really nicely with the red band in the middle and the hearts on skirt/bodice.

  3. Its turned out really good, looks great! =)