Thursday, 3 February 2011

Striving for perfection

My dress now has a skirt, in *drumroll* heart print! Ok it's not attached yet but it's ready to be! My lovely commenters, Carly and Hayley both suggested the heart print, as did Fran who made a good point about body shape and how if I'm a pear shape the red skirt would draw attention to my lower half, whereas the red waistband breaking up the heart print will draw the attention to my waist instead. I am a definite member of the pear brigade and my bum definitely doesn't need any extra attention! I have a tendency to completely forget about the effect colour and patterns can have within a garment, drawing attention to different areas and tend to focus more on the shape of the garment, but colour is definitely something I need to keep in mind! I think in my heart of hearts I knew that the red skirt wouldn't be quite right or I wouldn't have even questioned it. Which meant more of my <sarcasm>favourite part of dress making, cutting out more fabric, hooray!</sarcasm> But it'll be worth it.

As I move closer to the end of the pattern I've realised a few mistakes I've made along the way. I've sewn the midriff lining on the wrong way up, though I'm blaming the unclear pattern instructions for that one, so have unpicked that ready to be re-sewn. There are a few other bits which aren't quite right so I'm going to make a few amendments. I really want this dress to look the best that I can manage and if that requires lots of unpicking and being fussy over tiny little things, then that's what I'll do! Luckily for me the dress has come together quicker than I expected and so I have time to go back and re-do these little things rather than being in a mad rush to wear it. Tomorrow is the 4th so I still have 10 days to get it ready before valentines day. Even if I don't end up wearing it then, I'll find an excuse to wear it that week!!

The skirt is lovely and full so I'm looking forward to getting it attached :-)

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