Monday, 3 January 2011

Quirky or just plan ugly? I suppose only time will tell...

I've been doing a bit more work on the dress from 'Sew' magazine. Unfortunately there have been a few 'errors' along the way and things haven't gone exactly as planned. I can see how the dress is good for beginners but I personally could have done with a few diagrams to help explain things a bit better; like where exactly the collar is meant to start and finish! I thought the collar was the same shape all the way round and so it didn't matter which side I sewed on, this turned out to be a mistake and I now have white stitching on my black collar. Having gained an opinion from the mother I think I'm just going to try and pass it off as a 'design feature'. Ahem. I also seem to have quite a big gap between where the two collar pieces are at the front, on the diagram picture there was a big gap but on the photo of the model wearing the dress there wasn't. But if I followed the natural neckline of the dress and the markings I was left with a bit of a gap at the front, so I've just gone with it anyway! The original pattern wants me to put a button in that gap, I wasn't going to do that but if it looks a bit weird I might just stick a massive button in there anyway!

I'm really not sure how this one is going to turn out, whether it's going to look cute, quirky and different or whether it's just going to look horrendously ugly and remain unworn and forgotten about in my wardrobe... Anyway, here's a pic of the bodice thus far. I still need to put bias binding on so ignore the rough edges around the top of the collar and neckline!

In reality it's a darker grey than that but I stuck the flash on to give you a proper idea of the stitching and what's going on thus far! Looking at this pic it doesn't look like the darts and the collar line up... I'm sure they do in reality?! Oh dear, I guess with this one I'll just have to keep going and see what happens!

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